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Dinosaur Alert! Yi Qi ‘Bizarre’ bat-winged theropod discovered in China


One of the most bizarre dinosaur discoveries to date was made in China recently, new research shows. At first glance, the dinosaur would have reminded people of a dragon from a science fiction movie, but the specifics of the build actually revealed just how real this dinosaur was. Archeologists are calling the dinosaur Yi Qi and pointed out that it likely would have weighed around 380g. The mode of transportation that the dinosaur used is still unclear though.

The team pointed out that, “Yi may have been capable of flapping flight or only gliding, or may have combined the two locomotor styles as in many extant birds and some bats.” That’s one of the more interesting findings given the fact that if the dinosaur could have both walked and flown, it could have been one of the more diverse dinosaurs that existed here on Earth.

Yi Qi is a member of the Scansoriopterygids family, and existed during the Jurassic Period. Interestingly, this bat-like, or dragon-like creature was written about in the journal Nature. However, this wasn’t the only big discovery in the world of dinosaurs in China, recently. As the matter of fact, a series of more than 40 dinosaur eggs were discovered in China, in a location where some construction work was being done on a local road.

Even as that was relatively interesting, in Chile, an entirely new breed of dinosaurs was found – as it included some of the most bizarre features that one could even imagine. There was an impressive run of features, like a long neck, and T. Rex style body, and small stature overall. For archeologists the last several weeks have been very busy, and it’s been incredibly busy for anyone who has been trying to keep up with the news breaks on these varying discoveries.

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