Google has added several new integrations to its Voice Search feature for Android devices. The announcement was made on Thursday, which includes popular apps like Zillow, Shazam, NPR along with online radio service TuneIn.

The search engine giant is also seeking additional app developers to join the foray. Users will obviously need to have the above mentioned apps on their smartphones or tablets. Though instead of opening the apps individually, users can say something like, “OK, Google, Shazam this song” and your smartphone should open up the Shazam app and figure it out.

The Zillow integration will work with local searches as well as housing searches in other cities. For instance, users can search for homes for sale or rent. Earlier, we could search apps that way, but with this, developers can get more specific. This could come in real handy to use alongside something like Android Auto, when your phone is slightly out of reach.

Voice integration also forms an integral part of the Android Wear as well. And with continuous advancements in computer technology, voice input will likely be the input mechanism of the future. Google Voice Search has continuously evolved over the past few years beyond just simple search. It is now much more than a simple query to a one that can control your phone settings, launch apps and create reminders.

Meanwhile, Google has also announced that those interested in using this feature, can head over to this link and find out more about what aspects of Google Voice Action they would want to implement in their apps now. Either way, it seems we’ll be able to ‘OK Google’ for a lot more things than we are now.

The GIF below shows us how the feature will actually work on the newly announced and already-in-use voice action integrations.

Google Voice Actions