Sprint is continuing its push to expand its current market share and make their overall product more enticing. The company announced a partnership with Boingo, which will ensure that in 35 airports across the United States, flyers will have access to better Wi-Fi. More importantly, that Wi-Fi will be free. Traditionally, many airports required that users buy temporary passes or required users to have accounts with various providers, which meant the airports were essentially renting out expensive service.

This deal though cuts them out of these places and ensures that users will have a better Wi-Fi experience overall in these 35 cities. They’re significant because these aren’t remote, small airports. Rather, Sprint and Boingo focused on major airports in major metropolitan areas. Chicago O’Hare and New York’s JFK are two very notable airports, which will be receiving the free Wi-Fi, as well as cities like Dallas, Boston, Charlotte, and many more.

It’ll work with nearly all Android and iPhone devices, which have been produced in the last year, or two. It’s important to note that this is a major win for Sprint and Boingo, but perhaps most interestingly, a significant win for frequent flyers who find themselves in these major hubs around the United States. The only catch is at this point is that it will be limited to Sprint users. However, that very easily could change if this type of deal is found to be the lucrative plan.

Stephen Bye, Sprint’s CTO pointed out that, “By enabling customers to move more smoothly between trusted Wi-Fi and cellular, our customers will have a better mobile experience in more locations, all while lowering their cost of data usage.” In the end, this type of deal is going to put pressure on other networks and other airports to change the way they do business with flyers. It’s a great sign for customers who are tired of paying extra for connectivity when they get to different airports around the country.


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