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Google Playground, rival to Apple’s Game Center coming this Google I/O


Latest reports indicate that Google will announce it’s new service named Google Playground at Google I/O this year. Google Playground will be the new service for Android gamers and will compete against Apple’s Game Center. The Google Playground is expected to be the new platform where Android gamers can play together, challenge each other, socialize and do a lot of other stuff that was not possible until now.

The Google I/O event is almost here, the venue has been fixed and the dates have been finalized. We just need to wait for a few more days after which the long awaited Google I/O event will finally kick off. It seems that Google has plans to announce a new service named ‘Google Playground’ at the event. Sources on the internet have said that there are some very special people who are receiving special invites for various programs and sessions that will take place during Google I/O.


One such invite offers these special people a chance to join Google as the company ‘reinvents the playground.’ Check out the above image that shows the invitation that these special people have received. And if you think that this invitation could be fake, well yes there is a possibility. However, looking at the way everything has been mentioned, and the overall look and feel of the invite, it does seem that the invite has actually been sent by Google.

Well to be honest, some might say that the design and layout totally represent Google whereas others might say that it is totally not Google. So there are two sides to the coin here and we do not want to start a fight as to which one of the two sides is the right one. So as of now, let us take this invite as a special approach used by Google to gather people who have good knowledge and experience about this field.

As the invite says, the event will take place on the 15th of May at 9 AM in the morning. So I believe we all can wait till that time in order to find out whether Google Playground is real or not.

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