We already know that Windows 10 for Phones will finally bring native printing support. Though more details about it along with an official demo video were revealed at Microsoft’s BUILD 2015 presentations.

Apparently there will be built-in support for printing to PDF file or saving as a PDF file. From now on, there’ll be a new option called ‘Print as a PDF’ in the Print dialog in addition to XPS format support.

In addition, more than 1900 printers will be compatible as of now with support for most of the popular brands. The list is likely to grow in fall when Windows 10 for phones gets launched.

A while back, Microsoft posted a job listing that clearly suggests that the company is working to bring native printing support for Windows phones.

“Our team aims to keep Windows the best platform for printer ISVs (Independent Software Vendor) and IHVs (Independent Hardware Vendor) and to design and build the new platforms that will light up these new scenarios. Our team will develop for Windows client, Windows server, phone, tablet, Xbox, and cloud scenarios,” reads the job description.

There are already several ways and third-party clients that allow users to print via their Windows handset, though native support is still missing on the OS. And now with this latest revelation, Windows 10 will indeed have native support for printing.

The demo video revealed shows a Lumia device that is connected to a HP printer, and it seems to work perfectly well. Native printing support for phones will certainly come in handy for almost every user as it’ll be much more hassle free and should save a lot of time.

It’s nice to see the Windows maker flexing its muscles with Windows 10, as its previous iteration just did not live up to user expectations. This should come across as great news for end users.