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Microsoft likely to unveil its biggest tablet yet, 14-inch Surface Pro 4 this month


Contrary to earlier reports that suggested Microsoft will be launching its next-gen Surface Pro 4 hybrid laptop at this year’s BUILD 2015 did get quite a few of us excited, though it did not happen. Now fresh reports have emerged that claim the company will finally unveil its newest hybrid tablet at a special event to be held in mid-May – suggesting a June or July launch this year is likely going to happen.

Moreover, with Microsoft planning to launch Windows 10 very soon, a June or July launch of the Surface Pro 4 seems highly likely.

According to earlier reports, the Surface Pro 4 will be slimmer than the Surface Pro 3, though may not be lighter. It will likely retain the same display as its predecessor with a 12-inch screen at a resolution of 1260 x 1440. It’ll most likely have two variants – 12-inch and a 14-inch, both crammed with high-end specs and features.

In addition, the hybrid tablet will feature Intel i5 and i7 Broadwell processors and will come with a mammoth 1TB of storage, according to earlier reports. On the software front, the hybrid will be powered by the latest Windows 10 OS out of the box. Accessories to be included with the Surface Pro 4 would include a Type Cover 3 and a third-generation docking system.

Optics on the Surface Pro 4 will include a 3.5MP front-facing camera along with an 8MP rear camera. It is also expected to get a fanless design, while retaining those vent holes for heat dissipation we saw on earlier Surface models. As far as pricing is concerned, reports indicate it might cost anywhere between $1200 and $2000.

Interestingly, these leaks follow the last year’s pattern as Microsoft did not announce the Surface Pro 3 at BUILD 2014, but rather at a separate event altogether. It’ll likely be the same with the Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is still considered one of the best hybrid Windows device in the market. Hence there are a lot of expectations from its successor. Hopefully, the Surface Pro 4 fixes a few minor flaws found on its predecessor and brings some nifty features along with it. The Surface Pro 4 will have a lot of competition to deal with, competing against the likes of Chromebooks, the new MacBook, the upcoming iPad Pro and other convertibles in the market.

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