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Next-gen Apple iPhone display production will start next month


Latest report indicates that the production of displays for the next-gen Apple iPhone will start by the next month. These new screens will be produced by the same three companies that supplied the display screens for the Apple iPhone 5.

If you have not guessed it already, the three companies we are talking about are Sharp, LG and Japan Display. It was the report from Japanese source Nikkan, which said that the production of displays for the next-gen Apple iPhone will be starting from June. Out of the above mentioned display manufacturers, sharp is the one that was focused on in the report. If you do not know, Sharp has previously sold panels for the third-generation iPad and iPhone 4S. It is one of the most popular options for Apple when it comes to manufacturing displays.

However, Sharp has had its own problems and drawbacks. Last year, there were reports which said that Sharp was unable to meet the iPhone 5 display demand until after the product launched to the public. We do not know how true this information is, but we do know for sure that both Apple and Sharp will take care and ensure that nothing goes wrong this time.

When translated to English, a part of the report from Nikkan says that:

‘Sharp also begin in June the mass production of the next model for the liquid crystal panel of the (multi-function mobile phone) smartphone that Apple is planning on. Appears to have embarked on production readiness of consecutive holidays from May Kameyama Plant No. 1 of Apple smartphones LCD dedicated plagued by sluggish occupancy rate since the beginning of the year in (Kameyama, Mie Prefecture).’

Another interesting point is that the report indicates that the size of the display for the new iPhone is very similar to the size of the current iPhone 5. So could this mean that Apple is still insisting on using its own measurements to come up with an optimum size for the display. The company still does not believe that a next-gen smartphone has to have a 5-inch display in order to appeal to the consumers.

Whatever the case is, we will soon find out a lot about the next-gen Apple iPhone when the WWDC event kicks off in the month of June.

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