Latest reports indicate that HTC has started preparations for unveiling the HTC R7 and HTC R12, the new tablets from HTC that will run on Windows RT Blue edition. HTC is planning to launch these new tablets by Q3 this year and get back into the tablet market.

Last year in the month of December, there were a lot of rumors and reports which said that HTC is planning to get back into the tablet industry. The reports said that the company is planning to come up with two new tablets that will be running on Windows operating system and will be launched late next year. So the next year is here, and we once again have a new update about HTC and its upcoming series of tablets.

It is being said that HTC has already started working on the new series of tablets that will be launched in Q3 this year. And as mentioned at the beginning, HTC might have plans for two tablets that will both run on Windows RT Blue edition. The first is the HTC R7, a 7-inch tablet and the second is the HTC R12, the 12-inch tablet. The report also says that the ‘R’ in the names of these tablets indicate that they are running the new Microsoft Windows RT Blue edition.

As of now, we have no information about the hardware specifications that these two tablets will have. We believe that HTC will soon start spreading the word or at least give us a good hint. And if you are not impressed by the R, let me tell you that there is also a possibility that HTC might release a ‘W’ version of both these tablets. The ‘W’ will indicate that the tablets run on Windows 8 operating system.

It is being said that the HTC R7 will be launched on October 13, but we do not have any specific details about the release date for the HTC R12 yet. HTC might have plans to unveil both these tablets at the same time and at the same event, the estimated date of October 13 is also very close to the Windows Blue release timeframe. So we expect things to get very interesting in October.