Microsoft is working vigorously on its new browser recently named the ‘Edge’, earlier known as Project Spartan. The company is heavily relying on the success of their new browser, which will come shipped with Windows 10.

At its BUILD 2015, Microsoft promised that Edge will certainly have the potential to take on rival browsers, announcing plenty of new features that’ll be coming to ‘Edge’ in the near future.

In the latest announcement, the team behind Edge has revealed that the new browser will have support for syncing passwords, bookmarks and history across Windows 10 devices, that’ll include PCs, smartphones, tablets and Xbox.

Essentially, these new sync tools will work pretty much the same as Firefox Sync, which Microsoft says, “lets you share your data and preferences (such as your bookmarks, history, passwords, open tabs and installed add-ons) across all your devices.”

The Redmond giant is doing – whatever it can – to match the features offered by both Firefox and Chrome, an attempt to gain leverage in a domain where it has rather fallen short of competition. Moreover, the fact that this feature will come in real handy for users who own more than one Windows devices, as it’ll be easier to switch devices without worrying about losing content.

Though, sadly these new features will not be available at launch, as the Edge is still a work under progress. The new browser is still far from being complete; as a result many of features would be rolled out at some point in the near future. Apart from syncing, other notable feature to arrive this year are extensions, which are likely to come sometime late summer or early fall.

The latest Windows 10 with Edge is expected to arrive sometime this summer for personal computers. Interested users can try out the Edge right now by downloading and installing Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10074.


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