A new Motorola smartphone has just been spotted in the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and it seems that it could be the Google X Phone that everyone has been talking about. The smartphone spotted in the FCC filing mentions is the Motorola XT1058, a device that has not been launched in the market yet. So there is a good chance that this new smartphone could be the X Phone that was said to be made by Motorola under the guidance of Google.

By the way, the Motorola XT1058 is not the only new smartphone being spotted. Recently there have also been reports of another Motorola based smartphone that is yet to be launched, the Motorola XT1055. The Motorola XT1055 showed up in benchmark results whereas the Motorola XT1058 has shown up in the FCC listing.

Motorola xt1508 fcc Google X Phone

We now come to an interesting turn where we have not one but two potential candidates for the Google X Phone. There is also a possibility that both these smartphones might be the Google X Phone, only with different versions. The models numbers of these two unknown Motorola XT smartphones are so close to each other it kind of reminds us about the way in which Samsung smartphones are numbered. A good example is the way in which the two different versions of Samsung Galaxy S4 are numbered.

The Galaxy S4 with the Exynos 5 chipset has the model number I9500 whereas the one with the Qualcomm chipset has the model number I9505. On the contrary, the XT1055 and XT1058 might also be single-SIM and dual-SIM versions of the same device, but we do not think that Google has plans for a dual-SIM device.

Coming back to the Motorola XT1058, FCC said that the device comes with support for AT&T LTE bands and NFC. So there is a possibility that the Motorola XT1058 could be the Google X Phone that will be offered by AT&T. In order to find out whether this our guess is correct or not, we will have to wait for some more time. May be Google I/O will give us a good hint.