Popular Twitter user and one of the most well known and reliable sources on the internet, @evleaks has once again posted an image of what could be the soon to come LG Optimus G2. This new image shows a close up image of an LG smartphone that has a super slim bezel, and @evleaks also said that the device could be the LG Optimus G2 that has been in talks since a long time now.

If you are familiar with the previously leaked images, @evleaks also said that the smartphone shown in those images could be the Optimus G2. Now that we have a close up photo of this new LG smartphone, you can see how thin the bezels are.

Last time @evleaks commented saying: “G2? Just a guess…” and this time the caption of the photo on Twitter reads “Thin-bezeled LG, redux.” After closely inspecting this particular image and comparing it with the previously leaked image, you will see that the smartphone shown in all the images is the same. And since it has the name LG at the bottom, we also know that it will be a part of the LG Optimus series, most probably it will be the Optimus G2.

If you are once again thinking that this new device could be the Google Nexus 5 instead, well we do not want to deny that fact but there are two points that are contradicting to this assumption. The first being that the smartphone has the name LG at the bottom and the next being that there have been a lot of reports which say that Google will not be unveiling the Nexus 5 any time soon, not at Google I/O at least.

We are open to all options and will always consider every possibility. So as of now, we strongly think that this device will most probably be the LG Optimus G2. However, Google Nexus 5 is also a possibility.