The WWC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event is almost here. After about a month from now, the event will kick off and Apple will unveil the iOS 7 – the next-gen mobile operating system that iPhones and iPads will run on. Apple has already announced that there will be a major update to iOS and this time, Jony Ive will be playing a key role in the design.

The next-gen iOS is said to be flat and simple. Apple has decided to use the design skills of Jony Ive to come up with a totally new iOS that will look very different from what Apple consumers are used to. And judging by the masterpieces that Jony Ive has already created when it comes to hardware, there are a lot of expectations even from the software.

Even though we have to wait for almost a month to be able to check out the actual iOS design, a lot of designers and art directors from around the world have already started showing off concept designs of what iOS 7 could be like. Many of these concepts will get you addicted to iOS 7 and its new design. Along with the flat look and feel, there are a lot of other additions that have been shown in the videos below.

These additions and new features include:

  • New look for the Lock Screen
  • New look for Siri
  • Customizable Home Screen
  • Redesigned Icons
  • New Multitasking Experience
  • Widgets and much more

So check out these different videos and let us know which of them are the most promising. We will get back to you with the actual design and look and feel of iOS 7 once it is showcased at the WWDC event in June.