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Yahoo releases Flickr 4.0 update loaded with Uploadrs, Camera Roll & Search experience

There was a time a few years back when Flickr was number one in photo sharing online. It worked great, was groundbreaking, and had users of all ages and types. Whether it was a business looking to boast photos of the new product or family members sharing holiday photos with friends and another family – Flickr was the best in the industry. Then, things seemed to fizzle for the photo-sharing platform, which was owned by Yahoo. When Marissa Mayer took over, the goal was to revamp the photo sharing platform and make it as good as the modern competition.

It’s called Flickr 4.0, and it’s going to be everywhere. Updated versions of the network have appeared on iOS, Android, web and now Mac. The excitement that has been generated around the new version of Flickr is something that has those within the photo sharing space completely excited. Significant updates have been made to the search engine, as well as the interface users see when they actually sign in to Flickr and engage it. Instead of a lot of focus on those individuals who are followed by the account holder, the focus is left on the individual’s photos.

Making photos private is a breeze with a one-click option that gives users the ability to change simply the status of a photo, without much fuss at all. The updated camera roll is significant improved now that it gives users the ability to interact with their photos. As far as the presentation is concerned Flickr follows a reverse chronological order that really hasn’t been seen yet in any photo-sharing app like this. Instead of focusing on traditional streams, this essentially gives users the ability to experience things in an ageless way.

Image recognition has a major role in the updated system on Flickr, as well, ensuring that photos blend better than they ever have before, and also allowing users to experience a wide range of different photos when looking for particular similarities in certain images. This works particularly well when it comes to finding colors, within any given category of the photo. Magic View, which gives users the ability to see all of these photos that fall within a certain color family, or type, going along with that image recognition technology – is going to be web-exclusive for now, but it would appear as though Flickr has intentions of bringing that feature over to mobile in the near future.

Flickr member, can enjoy these updates by logging into your Yahoo account at www.flickr.com and downloading our app from the App Store or the Play Store.

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