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Google launches its first app for Apple Watch: News and Weather app


Google has finally announced its first ever app for the new Apple Watch, the latest product from the Cupertino-based tech giant that has already bagged a phenomenal response. Apparently, Google was one company whose apps had been missing from Apple’s wearable platform, and with an update to the Google News and Weather app for iOS, all that seems to have changed. While it may not come across as exciting as getting Google Maps for the Apple Watch, nevertheless it seems to be a good start considering Google’s own Android wear platform. This implies Google may bring other apps to the Apple Watch in the near future.

For now, Google’s News and Weather app has been given an update to support the Apple Watch, offering users to navigate through headlines via the watch’s screen. The app is new to iOS as well as it was launched just last fall, giving users access to news summaries from around 65,000 publications grouped across categories like “Technology,” “Sports,” or “Business”.

As we already aware, largely all of Google’s signature apps are available on the iOS, which is a direct rival to Google’s Android OS, though it’s a completely different ball game in the wearables segment. Apple Watch has taken the smart wearables market by storm just within a month after launching. And now with Google launching its first app for the Apple Watch, its seems quite evident Android Wear is going through some major problems.

Meanwhile. in other related news, the eBay app was silently chucked from the list of featured Apple Watch apps on its official website in the United States. The reason for removal is still unclear, though eBay has confirmed that the app will now be available for download from next week.

Notably, a few months ago, Apple also announced the removal of an award winning healthy-eating app called ‘The Whole Pantry’ from its app store and Apple Watch apps, among allegations that its creator faked having cancer to benefit her cause, which later turned out to be true.

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