Telecom giant AT&T has struck a deal with Hulu that’ll bring its subscription-based video streaming service to customers through its AT&T website and mobile apps. The deal takes effect later this year, which will customers to access Hulu shows directly through an AT&T app on their mobile devices along with the company’s website. In addition, the two companies are said to be considering the possibility of bringing Hulu app to TVs.

Earlier, AT&T would show some of Hulu’s content via an embedded video player on its website, though it seems this deal is aimed at driving new subscribers to Hulu’s premium tier.

The new AT&T mobile app, which is still in its development phase, will offer customers a slew of clips which they can watch, when clicked they’ll be redirected to Hulu where they can sign up for the service, while existing customers will be able log-in from there. The company says that customers will be able to browse and search for Hulu content from within AT&T apps.

“We know that our customers want to be able to access video on multiple devices,” said Andrew Goodman, Associate VP content acquisition at AT&T. “So we’re excited to be able to expand our relationship with Hulu and make its innovative and vast video selections available to AT&T customers on multiple screens.”

Notably the deal comes at a time where AT&T has been making great strides to expand its distribution, for instance Hulu recently bagged exclusive rights to stream all episodes of Seinfeld on its network, which is rather a big win for the service. This was followed by an announcement last month that Cablevision would be the first pay-TV service provider to resell Hulu’s subscription catalogue.

While last week, Hulu also announced deals with five multi-channel distributors to offer Hulu, which include Armstrong, Atlantic Broadband, Mediacom Communications, Midcontinent Communications and WideOpenWest.

AT&T on its part has also been investing in other over-the-top (OTP) initiatives to expand its video streaming offerings, by forming Otter Media with The Chernin Group, to launch their OTP services.

Meanwhile, Verizon also recently announced that it is buying AOL for $4.4 billion, a move that clearly signifies the importance of mobile and video, and the impact it on the telecommunications industry in the near future.


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