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Amazon launches Advertising platform for devs to promote their apps on Android devices


Amazon.com Inc. has announced the launch of a new advertising platform that will allow app developers to promote their apps on Android devices. The new program will be called ‘Advertise Your App with Amazon’, and allows developers to advertise their Android apps on Amazon tablets and Android devices. Amazon will be paid each time a user clicks an advertisement displayed via this new program, reports Bloomberg.

The retailer giant further explains that setting up the campaign takes just about 90 seconds, while the minimum investment required will be $100 and above. Moreover, developers get an option to target users based on their preferences, by checking particular boxes next to the kind of users they want to acquire. They can even let Amazon choose the targeted user group for them.

There’ll be an ‘Enable Google Play Support’ option as well, which lets users who don’t have the Amazon Appstore installed on their devices, can download the app via the Play Store instead.

However, the program does not necessarily guarantee a campaign’s performance. For instance, if a developer feels that their campaign’s total budget isn’t being met, Amazon explains that it’s largely because their cost-per-bid might have been set quite low, as it would lose out on auctions compared to those who’ve placed higher bids.


Apparently, the new ad campaign is one of the many promotional tools Amazon offers to app developers. The company is known to run campaigns to expand its customer base, and also running a Free App of the Day campaign to further boost downloads, which features a total of 38 paid apps and games worth up to $110.

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