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Zoos around U.S. celebrate Endangered Species Day


Zoos around the U.S. are going to be celebrating Endangered Species Day, which was originally founded by the Wildlife Conservation Society. The events will be taking place at zoos like the Akron Zoo, and then major zoos in New York City. The goal of the day is to celebrate those species, which are considered “endangered.” What’s more is that the day is celebrated to raise awareness about the species which are being challenged to survive as factors like climate change continue to push their homes further into oblivion.

Endangered Species Day started 120 years ago and celebrates the animals, which are struggling to maintain throughout the years. This is especially relevant as some of the biggest species in the world see challenges. Most recently, a study revealed that over a quarter of the species on the Earth today, or as many as a third of them, could actually be wiped out in the coming years completely if something isn’t done to combat the changing climate.

That has been a hot button issue politically, but days like Saturday are the ones that are supposed to begin fixing the issues at hand. Protecting animals and protecting endangered species is important to ensure that the Earth is preserved the way it should be. Further, it is working to raise awareness of the fact that once these endangered species are gone, there isn’t any bringing them back. That’s something that should concern many, but something that often is forgotten in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

SAFE or Saving Animals From Extinction is what many believe could be the saving grace for these endangered species. David Barnhardt, director of marketing and guest services, at Akron Zoo pointed out that, “Through SAFE we will pull all of these resources we have available to us and develop action plans, raise awareness and engage the public to help these endangered species.” He went on to point out that, “Through SAFE, AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums will convene scientists globally to identify the factors threatening species, develop Conservation Action Plans, collect new resources and engage 180 million combined guests visiting our AZA facilities each year.”

This ultimately is just the beginning, but it’s the point of doing something now, instead of waiting – until it’s too late. It comes down to forcing change. It comes down to making change happen, rather than expecting change to happen for us. It simply comes down to being aware and preparing – and like anything else – our goals can be accomplished, and these endangered species can be preserved.

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