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How to Fix Instagram Story Views Not Showing (2022) – Naijaknowhow

Is your Instagram story views not showing on your account on mobile app and web? Here’s how to fix this issue with simple working guides.
Are you finding it difficult to see your Instagram story views? Keep reading to know how you can fix this issue. Instagram is among the world’s most used social media platforms right now. This platform lets you share videos, photos, and stories of your daily life. Chatting with close friends and loved ones is an important feature you’ll enjoy using this platform.
There have been recent complaints of users not being able to see their Instagram story view count number. Nevertheless, there are ways to fix this issue easily and quickly.
In this article on Naijaknowhow, I’ll be noting down a few DIY guides to fixing this issue. So if you have noticed this problem with your Instagram account, keep reading.
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Instagram story views is a feature that lets users know how many people have viewed their stories. Not all Instagram users face the issue of not being able to view their IG story views as it’s a user-level problem. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry if you encounter this issue, because I’ll discuss a few quick fixes to troubleshoot this. Let’s delve right in.
If you noticed that you’re not able to see your Instagram story views, the first thing to do is quit and relaunch the IG app. This method normally fixes bugs on apps and should work to help you fix this issue also. You need only clear the app from the recent section and open it open again. After doing this, you should check if the problem persists. If it does, scroll down to the next method in the article to fix it.
Fix Instagram Story Views Not Showing
This is another procedure that may help you fix this issue. You simply should log out and re-login your account to Instagram. If you do not know how to do this, do well to follow the given process below. Make sure you remember your Instagram login details before attempting this procedure.
If you’ve tried the methods I’ve given above and you’re still not able to fix this issue, then you should try rebooting your mobile phone. Who knows, this may be a technical glitch, and if it is, restarting your device is definitely going to prove helpful. After you’re done with this, launch the IG app and check if you can now see your Instagram story views. If it persists, do check the next step.
Insta for Mobile
Sometimes the apps used on smartphones may face bugs after constant updates, which calls for the need of cleaning the app cache. If such is the case with the IG story views problem, then clearing the cache is going to solve this. Follow the simple process below to do this;
Instagram Story Views not showing may be solved when you uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app on your smartphone. To do this, you should tap and hold the Instagram app icon, select the uninstall option from the pop-up and confirm the process. Once this is done, head over to Play Store, App Store, or any trusted app-download websites and download the Instagram app. This should help and if it does not, follow the next procedure below.
If you’ve not been able to fix this issue with the given methods above, then it surely means that the problem is from the app itself. If this issue bothers you much, switching to Instagram web isn’t a bad idea. All you need do is visit the Instagram website via a browser on your phone or PC. Now log in to your account and check if you can see your Instagram story views now.
If your Instagram story views still do not show even after applying the procedures discussed above, then it may be that the issue is account related and there’s only one way that you may be able to solve that. You would have to contact IG support to report the problem. Your ticket would be attended to, and you should get quick help and fixes from the support team in a short time.
If you’ve been facing the issue of Instagram story view count not showing on your Instagram account whether on the mobile app or website, then the procedures written above should help you fix this problem. If still the issue persists after you’ve tried all fixes, you should check for an update to the app. If there’s one, updating the app should fix the issue. Cheers!
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