NASA astronaut Terry Virts managed to capture something quite impressive while in space and recently shared his findings with the rest of the world. A picture he took has gone viral as it shows the aurora just west of Australia. However, that wasn’t the truly impressive portion of the catch. He also managed to capture a video of it and then cut it down to miniature form. Now, it’s a vine and has been viewed thousands of times, and is easily on its way to becoming one of the most viewed Vines in recent memory.

The images were captured aboard the International Space Station and were some of the most impressive pieces of photography that have ever been seen from space. The images are without question amongst the most interesting anyone here on Earth will ever see. However, Virts hasn’t just been capturing pictures of incredible auroras. He said of his photo after taking it and sharing it with the world on Twitter, “Flying away from one of the most incredible auroras I’ve seen, just west of #Australia.”

It seemed as though his one regret was that he wished he had captured it sooner or that he was quicker with the camera. He pointed out that ultimately, had he been able to get the photo directly over the aurora it would have been one of the most spectacular images that have ever been captured in human history. However, no one is going to be complaining about the picture he took anytime soon.

Without any hesitation this is one of the most spectacular photographic grabs to date. Interestingly though, he has made a habit of sharing spectacular photos with the rest of the world. The way the light plays in this particular video and picture though shows just how spectacular auroras can be, and without any doubt – pictures like this will always be instant hits on the internet.