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Google Play Games is the new service from Google for Android Gamers


There have been a lot of rumors in the past which said that Google is working on a new service similar to Apple’s Game Center for Android gamers. This new service which many called as ‘Google Playground‘ seems to actually be Google Play Games. The service or the name is not official as of now, but we have a strong evidence that Google Play Games will be unveiled at Google I/O this year.

Apple already has Game Center for iOS, Microsoft has Game Hub for Windows Phone and soon Google will have its very own Google Play Games for Android mobile operating system. We know so much about ‘Google Play Games’ thanks to the efforts from Android Police. Android Police dug deep into the new Play Services APK (an Android component you don’t access directly, but does things like update Google apps) and found that the latest version hid a massive update getting ready for Google Play Games.


As of now, this massive update is not directly accessible, but it has revealed support for system wide notifications, standardized notifications managed by Google+, and cloud synced game saves to work across multiple devices. This service also has a lot of extra built-in features like matchmaking, leaderboards, achievements and lobbies etc.


This is a very important lead, and even though we still cannot access this new service, the team at Android Police has been able to get a lot of crucial information about it. And the only way to find out more about this unreleased service is to either wait for the Android Police team to be able to get around the system or to simply wait for Google I/O which kicks off in a day.

We believe that Google will shed more light on Google Play Games service at Google I/O, at the same time we will also get to know a lot more about this new service. Developers will know how the service and the APK can be used in order to provide these new features to Android gamers.

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