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Apple WWDC 2015: 5 Things to expect

Apple Inc is only a few weeks away to announce the next generation iOS and Mac OS X at the WWDC 2015, World Wide Developer Conference. Along with the rumored features of upcoming iOS 9 and Mac OS X, speculations about the other products have also started the surfacing the Internet, which includes new streaming service and revamped Apple TV.

iOS 9

Talking about first in the line, iOS 9, Apple is highly expected to bring significant design improvements in the next big release of the operating system. Speculations suggest that the company is going to add additional features on the lock screen, which was previously only occupied by the notifications.

A very likely update Apple is expected to announce is that the iOS will now group the similar notifications under one icon. Apart from that, the Cupertino giant is supposed to land new HomeKit applications as reports suggest that the somewhere in Q3 products supporting HomeKit will start appearing in the market.

Mac OS X

The upcoming release of Mac OS X 10.11 has supposedly been codenamed as Mojave. Maintaining the legacy, Apple will improve the overall performance and stability of the Yosemite in the Mac OS X 10.11 Mojave. Even though Apple claimed to fix the Wi-Fi disconnection issue in the 10.10.2 and 10.10.3 updates, the bug is still hanging around in operating system.

Apart from that, following the trails of Microsoft, we can expect SIRI to be introduced in the upcoming Mac OS X 10.11.

Apple TV

It’s been years since Apple has updated the Apple TV, and supposedly WWDC is the event when it is going to get some significant improvements. Along with the SIRI and App Store to download the games and apps, the upcoming Apple TV will come loaded with extra storage. The A8 Chip will be the powerhouse of this device, and will perform exceptionally well to stand on the expectations of its users. Reports also suggest that the company is also going to let the box control HomeKit devices with it.

Music Streaming Service

WWDC 2015 is the time when Apple might worry the Pandora, Spotify, and other music streaming services in the market. The Cupertino giant is going to launch a music streaming service with the Beats Music, the company it acquired last year.

There have been several reports claiming that the enterprise is going to make the service go free of charge, which was previously assumed to be somewhere near $9/month. Free streaming service could be a serious threat to the companies mentioned above.

APIs and Kits

Talking about the WWDC from a developer point of view, Apple Inc is highly expected to release more APIs this year, out of which NFC API is much anticipated. Last year Apple introduced Apple Pay, however, didn’t open the API for some security reasons.

Swift is expected to get a new update, along with new libraries for the development of HealthKit, HomeKit, and other related applications.

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