Adobe has officially confirmed that it’ll be discarding the Photoshop Touch in favor of a new app, referred to as Project Rigel. From now on, Photoshop Touch will not be available on the Play Store, iTunes along with alternative app providers. Though users who have already paid for the app will still be able to use it. Surprisingly, the app can still be purchased till the next week, i.e. May 28. Launched back in 2011, the Photoshop Touch was a credible smartphone version of the traditional desktop version of Photoshop, which has created industry benchmarks at this point.

The new app – known as ‘Project Rigel’ – in the works will be launched on both iOS and Android devices and comes with a slew of improvements. The Photoshop maker has showed off a demo video, showcasing the editing power of the new app on 50MP photo taken with the Canon EOS 5DS, which is quite a notch above the Photoshop Touch, that was limited to 12MP at max. The video showcases the ease with which one can zoom in high-res photos, make changes and other nifty features like before-and-after comparisons.

“Helping you find success quickly means giving you the right tools for the job and the very best technology and access. When we introduced Photoshop Touch several years ago, it was an all-in-one solution that mirrored the desktop version of Photoshop. But today, we believe that our new mobile solutions, when connected together and to the desktop, vastly expand creative possibilities”, said Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Adobe’s product manager for digital imaging.

Project Rigel can also be accessed via Adobe’s Creative Cloud service, implying that users will also have the option to start a project on their PCs, and can continue with the same on their mobile devices. The company also says the new app will be made available for free as a part of the ‘Adobe ecosystem’, negating the need for having a paid cloud subscription for the app. Users will only be required to have an Adobe ID to login and access their projects via their server.

Many users will likely be unhappy with the death of Photoshop Touch, as the app was widely accessible for the large user base. Though the company notes that the app will continue to work for the ‘foreseeable future’, but there’ll be no further updates and features that’ll be rolled out for the Photoshop Touch. Adobe has also provided this help and support guide for users who’ll be affected by the Photoshop Touch’s demise.