Apple and innovation are synonyms that quite often go hand in hand, as the Cupertino giant is now reportedly prepping an entirely redesigned iPad that’ll completely change the way we use iPads. This time around, the company is crafting an enlarged 12-inch iPad, which will most likely see the introduction of a new split-screen mode that can display two apps simultaneously, negating the need to toggle between apps, something similar that we already see on Windows 8/8.1 tablets.

The new split-screen feature is essentially to take advantage of the larger 12-inch display on the forthcoming iPads, codenamed ‘J98’ and ‘J99’, confirms 9to5Mac citing sources from within the company. The report further notes that the Cupertino-based company is bringing the split-screen mode in 1/2, 1/3 and 2/3 views depending upon the apps. However, we might not see this feature revealed at the forthcoming WWDC 2015 as it might require some more fine tuning.

Meanwhile, there’s also another rumored feature in the form of a multi-user login support. Essentially, this feature would allow individual users to have their own personal set of apps, photos, and documents on their particular user ID. Even this feature is unlikely to be announced at WWDC and might be rolled out with iOS 9.

iPad Pro Rumors

The rumored 12-inch iPad Pro, codenamed J98 (Wi-Fi only) and J99 (LTE) will essentially be a larger version of the iPad Air 2, barring those extra-large speaker holes. The next-gen iPad is also rumored to get USB 3.0 support.

The redesign comes amidst declining iPad sales, as consumers now prefer large screen smartphones or phablets in favor of tablets. Let’s hope the new design and software features help Apple to regain lost ground.

As the Worldwide Developer Conference barely a few weeks away, the rumor mill is going full throttle. Several websites earlier reported that Apple had accidentally leaked an image of its forthcoming iPhone 6c featuring a Touch ID, instead of the usual ‘Home’ button. Though those reports have been discarded as Apple has rectified the error and replaced the image with the current iPhone 5c.

The company is also most likely to announce significant performance and feature upgrades to its iOS 9. It could also be the place where the company is prepping the launch of its highly anticipated music streaming service, the revamped version of Beats Music it acquired last year.