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Apple Inc. in rumors to release trimmed iOS 9 for iPhone 4S


Apple Inc. is again in rumors for launching a trimmed down version of the upcoming iOS 9 to support the older and obsolete devices. Apparently, the company is going to introduce a version capable of running on the outdated hardware such as on the iPhone 4S.

Every year, with the launch of next generation iOS, Apple removes the last device in the line by not providing it any future updates. Just like the iPhone 4, the Cupertino giant is expected to remove the 4S from the list this year, however, reports from the 9to5Mac suggests that the company is working on a trimmed down version of the iOS 9 to support the smartphone.

The shaved iOS 9 will feature fewer functions so as to run on the outdated hardware. However, the same version is expected to go on the iPhone 5 for it to run smooth and flawlessly. It is without a doubt that the oldest device that receives the update suffers from lag, app crashes and lot other issues.

The rumors are probably without a ground, as we look at the figures then there are less number of users who are still using the iPhone 4S. Many upgraded their devices whereas few other switched the ecosystem. In that scenario, if the company is investing a dedicated team towards building an iOS fewer features, then it’s apparently the worst decision it has ever made.

Without a doubt, the project will consume company’s resources and money for serving a small part of the entire Apple community, which apparently makes no sense. We believe that just like many other rumors, it is also not going to see the daylight, or we should say it doesn’t even exists.

Talking about the iOS 9, Apple Inc is apparently going to bring in some new changes in the user interface this year. Reports suggest that there are going to be new features, such as grouping of notifications that will enhance the user experience. iOS 8 has the notifications appearing in horizontal sections.

Talking about the launch date, then iOS 9 is expected to release somewhere in the fourth quarter with the launch of the next generation iPhone 6S and 6S plus. Reports suggest that the company is also going to introduce a new iPhone 6C this year wrapped in different and colorful plastic body.

All the devices that have been made after the iPhone 4S are expected to support the future version of the iOS,  but before that new iOS 8 users will enjoy the updates that will feature a fresh streaming service from the Cupertino giant.

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