T-Mobile product evangelist Des Smith was hesitant at one time, having stated earlier this week that T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling Nexus 6 feature may not arrive before another 7-10 days due to bugs. His next response 9 days later was, “This is shaping up to be a very Happy Memorial Day weekend,” and he was right. As of Friday, Des Smith returned to tell T-Mobile Nexus 6 users, “THIS JUST IN! @TMobile has approved the #Nexus 6 Wi-Fi Calling Software Update! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!” If you’re a T-Mobile Nexus 6 owner, the day has finally arrived: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is available for your device.

The new Lollipop update brings Wi-Fi calling, a feature that allows you to make phone calls for free as long as your device has access to a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi calling can be useful for those who live in areas where they have phone access but don’t want to afford an unlimited talk plan and still want to talk as much as they’d like. Where Wi-Fi calling becomes most useful is for traveling consumers who don’t like paying high prices to make phone calls on-the-go. Some voice and data plans are ridiculous, and consumers who save pennies can turn those pennies into dollars.

Android 5.1.1 comes as an over-the-air (OTA) update for T-Mobile Nexus 6 devices and should bring the software version number from LMY47M to LYZ28E. Weighing in at 125.8MB, the Android 5.1.1 update brings (along with Wi-Fi calling) an anti-theft feature and bug fixes and improvements. We’ve already seen that Android 5.1 Lollipop, like all updates before it, has its series of problems.

Being one of the first to update to Google’s latest brings those problems, and we don’t know when an update will arrive to correct them (so update at your risk). Android 5.1.1 is also said to fix an encryption bug for those who utilize Google’s encryption feature (compliments of Android 5.0 Lollipop). If you own an Android Wear smartwatch (LG G Watch, G-Watch R, Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3, etc.), you’ll be pleased to know that your smartwatch is now Wi-Fi-enabled thanks to the new 5.1.1 update.

As for when you can expect the update, T-Mo Nexus 6 owners, be patient. Des said that a few users will see the update this weekend, not all – so don’t expect that everyone will. With that said, Sprint Nexus 6 owners can expect their 5.1.1 update on May 26, and Verizon is starting to activate Nexus 6 devices due to an earlier promise. Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 owners should already have the 5.1.1 update from two weeks or so ago. We know that some T-Mo Nexus 6 users can’t wait to test out the new Wi-Fi calling feature for themselves.

T-Mobile Nexus 6 users, what d’you think? Like the new Wi-Fi calling feature? Have you tried it out yet? If so, put down your Nexus 6 for a few moments and write in to share your thoughts.


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