Microsoft last week released a new build of Windows 10, marked as 10122 to its Windows Insider Program, which includes a slew of new features and changes. Available only for fast ring participants, the build 10122 can be downloaded right now from the Settings app (Update & Security > Windows Update). Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul notes that this new build is ‘”buttery smooth” and a “nice improvement from 10074.”

The new build now gets a ‘Back’ button when Windows 10 is used in tablet mode for use in apps. While two new additions have been made to the Start menu. Firstly, the Apps list now pops up an alert whenever a new app is added, and secondly that items can be pinned to the list section in the menu directly via ‘Settings’.

Another significant change the new build brings is the updated list of icons. It seems finally Microsoft has indeed responded to the feedback from insiders. As earlier this year, users expressed their discontent over the change in the recycle bin icon that was quite different from the one we saw on Windows 8. In addition, the company has updated an array of icons.

The new icons designs are a definite improvement over the previous build and appear more aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, the new build also adds support for Windows Hello, which is a brand new security feature introduced in Windows 10, which essentially allows users to login via a facial or a fingerprint scan provide they’ve the right hardware. It’s fairly easy to setup via the sign-in option in the Settings menu, which also require a PIN to be set before this feature can be enabled.

Meanwhile, in other related news, Microsoft’s new Edge browser will add support for loads of audio standard, such as gap-less looping of audio, user media capture rooms effects and a lot, according to a recent blog post. Microsoft says that Edge will be fully compatible with the standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as to how audio should be delivered via the web.

Microsoft is expected to launch the PC version of its latest Windows 10 by the end of July this year, and wants to get the back the popularity it once had, as its predecessor did not impress users and experts alike.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest on Windows 10 as soon as we hear something, till then stay tuned for more.