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Nexus 2015 rumor roundup: 3 things to know before Google I/O


With Google I/O 2015 on the way in just a matter of days, rumors have been floating regarding the next Nexus device. Will Huawei or LG make it? What will Android M bring? Will it be another six-inch device to turn away a large number of consumers? These are but a few of the questions surrounding Google’s upcoming announcement.

While we can’t fill in all the blanks, we can give away the most likely answers to some mainstream questions. As for the rest, well, Google has kept it under wraps.

Rumor #1: No Nexus 2015 Tablet

Google’s made a Nexus 10 and has even partnered with HTC for a Nexus 9, but recent rumors suggest there will be no tablet for 2015; rather, Google will continue to sell the Nexus 9 and perhaps may even refresh the Nexus 10.

While this is a bad sign for Google fans who crave a new tablet experience from Mountain View, look on the bright side: current Nexus tablet prices will fall. Google wants to sell you its Nexus 9 tablet, and those who’ve been waiting may now jump in and buy it.

Rumor #2: Two Nexus phones in the works

Have you seen Google’s Nexus 6? If you’ve not been living under a rock, you know that Google’s latest smartphone nailed a lot of things: photography is better, the handset promises a day of battery life, and even came with a 13MP back camera and a Quad HD screen.

At the same time, however, Google committed display suicide when it launched all these delicious specs in a six-inch display. Sure, some people want larger devices, but we have 5.1-inch devices that still provide a great experience without the display overkill.

If you were as displeased with the display size of the Nexus 6, have no fear: the latest rumors include Google’s decision to release not one, but two devices for 2015. That’s right: Google’s releasing two smartphones!

Both smartphones will reduce the display size of the Nexus 6 — so, thankfully, the display size won’t turn consumers away this time. First on the list is a Nexus 5 refresh, with a new 5.2-inch display, hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, and 2,700mAh battery powering the device. We have no word on screen resolution or camera, but we could see a Full HD or Quad HD screen resolution (an educated guess).

Android M: All you need to know about Android’s next major update

Remember the rumors surrounding LG making a Nexus handset? Yep, those rumors are right on point. Korean manufacturer LG will produce the refreshed Nexus 5 (called the LG Angler internally), but, as the hexa-core processor reminds us, this handset will be a more budget-friendly option and won’t have the cutting-edge specs of, say, a Galaxy S6 edge or Galaxy Note 5.

The next handset looks to be the most prestigious handset Google will offer in its 2015 lineup. According to sources familiar with the matter, Google’s looking to bring a Note contender to market. For those whose eyes just jumped, no, we’re not talking about a device with a stylus; we’re talking about a 5.7-inch device with a Quad HD screen resolution made by Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Yep, the Huawei Nexus.

Google I/O 2015: Everything developers need to know

We don’t know much, but we do know that, for some reason, Samsung just made plans to release an Edge device that’s larger in display size than the Galaxy S6 edge but lacks a stylus, and we’ve been told it’ll feature a Snapdragon 808. With that said, it seems that Google, as it did last year, is eyeing Samsung — and Samsung is also eyeing its competition.

Rumor #3: Both Nexus devices will run Android M

We still don’t know what name Google will settle on for Android M (although we can at least agree that “Macadamian Nut Cookie” as the new OS internal codename needs some serious work), but you can be as sure as the sun will rise that it’ll be the new OS pre-installed on both the new LG and Huawei Nexus devices.

Android M has been rumored to bring native fingerprint scanner support for all Android devices, more customized security measures for users, more along the lines of Android Auto car improvements, and much more.

So, we could be looking at two Nexus smartphones if Google plays its cards right. Alright, Nexus fans: get ready to make some noise.

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