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Inbox by Gmail: Unsend messages, 900 million users, what else you need


Inbox by Gmail was something that took the tech world by storm not too long ago. First, it was introduced as a beta, only to select users, and while there were some gripes with the service, it was largely accepted by the Gmail using population. That’s because the service did several things incredibly well. It functioned well-enough to organize significant amounts of data that enter and exit an inbox, and clean enough to compete with some of the bigger names in email client applications that existed to this point.

The big move though at Google I/O 2015 was the company making Inbox by Gmail, officially open to the public. Meaning, anyone with a compatible device would have the opportunity to use Google’s latest version of Inbox. Alex Gawley, who leads the Gmail and Inbox teams at Google, pointed out that this was about making mobile email as powerful and efficient as desktop email. While email is a big focus in the corporate world, it has gotten busy and bogged down by simpler methods of communication outside the business world.

Some of the feature updates that have been included in this particular launch of Inbox to the general public include the ability to unsend messages, which is new and exciting for a lot of email users. The ability to bundle trip information makes traveling a lot easier and is included in the latest version of Inbox by Gmail. Google also added custom signatures to sent mail, which is something that felt somewhat obvious, yet was still missing from the operation.

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Google is celebrating though because the Gmail service has officially hit 900 million users. This is a major step for Google, as they approach the one billion user count. At the end of the day, this is about reaching more users, and Inbox was built with the intention of developing better relationships with their users to push their bottom line with Gmail further. Some felt that Gmail was outdated and that it was hampering Google’s efforts to push their service outward. This is an interesting position though, given the fact that Google does have one of the most iconic email services in the world as it stands right now.

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