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Halo 3 ODST now available via The Master Chief Collection & Halo 3 ODST Remaster coming soon


Halo: The Master Chief Collection received an update that many players wondered when would arrive. Even more curious, after several delays and a lot of debate at the end of 2014, many players wondered how the developers of Halo would release the ODST update. Somewhat surprisingly, the update appeared on Xbox Live this past week, in one of the quietest arrivals one could imagine. That being said though, the ODST was free, which was an even bigger surprise to many gamers.

There were a lot of improvements and feature updates that hadn’t been seen before in this particular edition of Halo. Since this is the edition of Halo that essentially pulls together all of the various versions of Halo that have gotten us to this point – it does a great job of combining a lot of the previously loved features into this game. In terms of experience, a new map called Remnant made an appearance, which is a reboot of a popular map from Halo 2. It is themed after Relic and is considered a revisit to that particular map.

The update also features a significant boost to the number of achievements that are available within this particular game. Altogether the developers of Halo: The Master Chief Collection added 100 new achievements. The achievements are relevant to the slightly changed gaming experience, combined with achievements related to the new map that the developers added to the game.

There was an update to how users can search for gamertags. Now, they have the ability to search across file share and any other method for that matter. As far as getting connected is concerned, that was a chief concern for the makers of Halo as they went through the process of putting this package together. There were also some minor updates to campaign mode as well, but those were less significant in the grand scheme of things.


There were also significant improvements to matchmaking, and other features like players being penalized for quitting in the middle of matches. At the end of the day though, with this particular update – those behind the game wanted to ensure that after a very rocky launch that players had a fair opportunity to significantly improve the quality of the game in all aspects. It would also appear, to this point, that Halo achieved exactly that.

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