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Microsoft buys Wunderlist, no price changes for Pro or Business customers


Microsoft has been busy acquiring companies and applications left and right over the course of the last year. It started last summer when the company announced that they would be pushing to make their cross-platform applications function better by giving them an overhaul. That saw improvements to apps like the Office apps, like Word and Outlook. The moves though haven’t been limited to just Microsoft software. The company has also been busy improving other utilities, like their calendar app as well.

Microsoft announced via a blog post that the acquisition of 6Wunderkinder was official. 6Wunderkinder is the development company behind Wunderlist and has gained a lot of notoriety as Microsoft has moved through the acquisition process. Microsoft said in that blog post, “The addition of Wunderlist to the Microsoft product portfolio fits squarely with our ambition to reinvent productivity for a mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

Microsoft announced that there wouldn’t be any price changes in the near future for the app either. They pointed out that in existing markets, it will remain free, and the cost of the pro and business versions will remain the same cost as they are now. Interestingly though, there has been a lot of news of this acquisition comes as Microsoft continues to work to change the way people receive their core products on non-Microsoft platforms. That’s what this acquisition is about, and that is what every acquisition Microsoft has executed has been about.

Microsoft was able to land the acquisition at just $200 million, which was a bargain price given what the company will now have access to. The price comes after much rumor and speculation around it brought the suggested price to a figure between $100-200 million.

Microsoft already has a strong note product in Microsoft OneNote. It wouldn’t appear as though the two will combat each other, but at the same time, some of their features are strikingly similar. Should Microsoft incorporate the two, without keeping the Wunderlist name, it would be a big shot to the crowd that has already been formed who loves Wunderlist. That’s what makes this productivity acquisition so interesting. It’s not entirely clear how it’ll go.

There is a lot of competition out there in the note, and to-do space with companies like Evernote being out there. However, given how powerful and popular Wunderlist has become over the last year, a merger with Microsoft will make their to-do productivity app a force to be reckoned with. One thing that cannot be argued is the fact that Microsoft is targeting Android apps for a very specific reason.


They’re working to expand their dominance on iOS and Android, even more than they are working to reinvent themselves within their operating system. While Windows 10 has been a focus for Microsoft on smartphones and computers – it’s clear that the real focus for Microsoft is winning on other devices, as their prowess becomes more geared toward software, rather than the hardware.

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