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Pebble accuses Apple of delaying its Time iOS app

The successor to the Pebble Smartwatch, Pebble Time seems to be in jeopardy as early backers have already started getting their units, however, Apple still hasn’t approved the Pebble Time app on its App Store. Hence, the smartwatch will be rendered useless as the iOS software required to set up Pebble Time to be used with an iPhone is ‘still in review’ on the app store.

“The Pebble Time iPhone app, as we’ve all noticed, is not yet live on the iTunes App Store. It remains “in review.” This unexpected circumstance pains us as much it does backers with watches ready to set up. We’re doing all we can to mitigate the delay and make Pebble Time Watch for iPhone available for download,” said Pebble in an email to kits backers.

The company further said that its been in review since the past “43 days and counting”. Hence the smartwatch seems to be at Apple’s mercy as it relies on Apple’s iOS, and the company is yet to approve it.

Notably, this isn’t the first time Apple has done this to Pebble. Apple apparently removed some apps that worked with the first Pebble smartwatch from its App Store, though later admitted that it was a mistake.

Meanwhile, other reports suggest that Pebble might have violated some of the App Store’s terms and conditions. While others suggest, there could also be a possibility that Apple has not approved the Pebble app as it could turn out to be Apple Watch direct rival.

Apple hasn’t made any official comments on the delay, though they did mention that the pending software would be approved soon.

In the meantime, Pebble is asking its customers to express their concern to Apple on their behalf, trying to get in touch with the company through their feedback system and social networks.

“Together, we can kindly express our desire to see the App Store #FreeOurPebbleTime with a speedy approval of Pebble Time Watch for iPhone, reads the blog post.


Pebble’s first smartwatch was an instant hit selling more than one million units. Its next iteration promises to mimic the same success and comes with features like Bluetooth 4.0, a 1.25 inch colour e-paper display and water resistant upto 30 meters. The smartwatch has already received a great response owing to its simple and snappy user interface featuring funky animations.

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