Since unveiling its Steam gaming machines and hardware two years back at CES, Valve has finally announced that its Steam Controller, the Steam Link streamer and two Linux-based gaming PCs are now available for pre-order. The company that pre-orders can be placed via Steam or GameStop, and those who place their pre-orders now, will get their units shipped as early as October 16th, which is a month ahead before they’ll be available across stores starting November 10.

The fabled Steam controller needs no introduction, it’s the much anticipated $50 wireless controller that houses touchpads to replicate keyboard and a mouse. It’s the key to playing PC games from the comfort of your couch, says Valve.

Next up we have the $50 Steam Link, which essentially is a tiny set-top box that streams games from a PC to a TV that comes equipped with four Wi-Fi antennas.

Then we have Alienware’s Steam Machine starting at $449, a compact Linux-based gaming powerhouse that’s way more powerful than current gen consoles. It houses Intel’s Core i3 processor, a 500GB hard drive and a good enough 4GB of RAM. Its most expensive variant goes as high as $749, with a Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM along with a 1TB hard drive. Users will have option to upgrade these systems, though sadly they cannot tamper with the custom NVidia GeForce GTX graphics card, as it’s integrated on the motherboard.

In addition, there’s also an HDMI input which is now compatible with SteamOS. Hence, users can easily route their other consoles ad Blu-Rays via the Alpha.

Finally, we have the Cyber PowerPC, which has also opened up pre-orders through its own website for a November release. In terms of size, its way chunkier than Alienware models and pricier too, starting at $500 and above. It also does not provide a Steam Controller as a part of the overall package.

Users who place their pre-orders today, get their machines by October 16th, or else they’ll have to wait till November 10th.

For those of you interested, pre-orders should be live now at Valve’s official website.