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Google I/O kicks off – Google Hangouts, Google Galaxy S4 and much more


The event that we all have been waiting for is finally here. Google I/O, the event where Google talks about everything that the company has been working on has finally kicked off. And finally, we get to know what all is coming our way and what isn’t.

We get to know which of the rumors were true and which were not. So this is the event where it will happen. If you have any questions about or have been waiting for the Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 7, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie or anything that has not made it to the market yet, then Google I/O is the event where you will get all your answers.

There have already been a lot of rumors about what was going to happen at the Google I/O event this year as well as a lot of questions whose answers will soon be clear. Day 1 of Google I/O is over and so is the Keynote, and a lot of new stuff has been showcased by Google already.

At the event, Google showed the world what it had been working on since such a long time. Here are the highlights of:

1. Google Hangouts

Google-Hangouts Google I/O

Google has unveiled a new version of Hangouts which has the company’s various messaging services like Talk and Google+ Messenger integrated in it. Hangouts is the new messaging app for iOS, Android, Chrome, and Gmail. And all your conversations will be in sync between each platform.

2. Auto-awesome

Auto-Awesome Google I/O

Google has introduced a new feature in Google+ called Auto-awesome. So Google+ now includes a new photo gallery which enhances, categorizes, and styles your photos. The feature can remove wrinkles, make duplicates disappear, and highlight the photos its algorithms thinks are your best. So something very interesting to use and try out. Is Google planning to be the new Flickr, well we don’t mind.

3. Google Play Music

Google-Play-Music Google I/O

Google has also planned to enter into the subscription based music business and will be competing against rivals like Spotify and Rdio. The Google Play Music All Access is the new service and it is now available with a free 30-day trial and Google has also given out the pricing if you wish to continue, it will be priced at $9.99 a month but there is no ad-supported tier available.

4. Google Play Game

Google-Play-Game Google I/O

Google has finally unveiled the Android game service named Google Play Game which will be competing against Apple’s Game Center so to say. The service offered by Google includes achievements, cloud saves, matchmaking, and leaderboards. The best part is that the service works across all platforms, hence it can even be implemented in iOS and the web.

5. Google Play for Education

Google-Play-for-Education Google I/O

Google has also unveiled a new play store specially for the classroom, and Google has named it Google Play for Education. This is a custom app store which will focus on apps and games for students and teachers.

6. Special Google Galaxy S4

Instead of unveiling the Google Nexus 5 or an upgraded version of Google Nexus 7, the company shocked us all by unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S4 once again. This Galaxy S4 will ship with a stock version of Android 4.2, hence will not have any of the UI tweaks and custom apps provided by Samsung. This device will be available in June for $649.

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