It’s been seven years since the famed launch of Fallout 3. Fans since then have been eagerly awaiting for a successor to a game that apparently created benchmarks for open world adventure titles. Rumors of Fallout 4 have been doing rounds since 2012, and up until this week, the wildly anticipated title was just a rumor. Earlier this week, out of nowhere Bethesda came out of the shadows and teased an announcement that was indeed sounded like poetry to fans of the Fallout franchise. And now, they have finally confirmed that Fallout 4 will indeed be launched on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Fallout 4 has been officially confirmed, courtesy of an epic trailer the developers announced until more will be revealed at this year’s E3 to be held in Los Angeles. Bethesda hasn’t revealed much about the game storyline nor the gameplay though we could sense some of it as to what’s in store from the game’s first teaser trailer.

Earlier rumors suggested that Boston would presumably be the new setting for the game. From the teaser trailer, it’s not that hard to figure out that Boston would indeed be the setting for the next installment in the Fallout franchise. Thanks to a slew of familiar landmarks, which is not that hard to recognize to anyone familiar with the city. The trailer shows glimpses of Bunker Hill Monument, the Massachusetts State House, and the Paul Revere statue along with Fenway Park.

Also, the trailer also revealed several characters and bosses. We see the main protagonist from the first game – the Vault Dweller, along with Dogmeat – a dog that has featured in every installment of the Fallout franchise. While several other elements in the Fallout series can also be spotted from the trailer like Mysterious Stranger, Deathclaw, Mister Handy and Feral Ghouls we saw in Fallout 3. Hence, we can expect only a few new character additions in Fallout 4.

Other details that can be spotted in the trailer include the Nuka Cola machine, a power armor that seems to be from the Brotherhood of Steel, a laser rifle along with a slew of other weapons including Vault 111 and comic books, implying there’ll be a lot of related links between the two games.

More on Fallout 4 will be unveiled at the upcoming E3 2015 to be held in Los Angeles, where Bethesda takes center stage for its big press conference. As far the game’s release date goes, not much has been revealed in the trailer though we can expect more details to be divulged on June 14th. However, at one point Bethesda’s website listed the Fallout 4 release date as ‘TBA 2015’ though it has been replaced with just ‘TBA’.

Meanwhile, a NeoGaf user posted promotional materials for the game’s Australian release at EBGames with the image clearly suggesting a 2015 release.
Hence, most of the early signs points to a 2015 release for Fallout 4 though nothing has been officially confirmed.