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Facebook Messenger for Android hits 1 billion downloads, also gets its first ever game


Facebook’s popular messaging app has now hit a whopping 1 billion downloads on the Play Store. Only a few managed to reach this landmark figure, and now Messenger joins the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, YouTube, Search and Maps in the exclusive 1 billion club. Davis Marcus, Facebook’s VP of Messaging products made the announcement and said, “Happy to make it to the very exclusive Android 1 billion+ downloads club.”

The high download count can largely be attributed to Facebook’s move to split the Messenger app from the main app for mobile users. Last year, Facebook announced that its Messenger app would be available as a separate app, thereby creating a separate platform whereby users were forced to download the app.

Since then, Facebook has added a plethora of modern mobile sharing features to its Messenger app including, VOIP, video calling, stickers, voice clips, peer-to-peer payments, location along with a platform for third-party developers.

Meanwhile, Facebook Messenger also gets its first ever game for iOS and Android called Doodle Draw. Up until now, Facebook only allowed GIF’s, audio clips and the likes on its messaging platform, but now it seems Messenger is going full throttle.

As the name suggests, Doodle Draw gives a few hints as to what a user can draw, he is then required to scribble something with a limited set of colors and send them to a friend. The friend who receives your drawing is then supposed to guess what you drew. Players can further earn points by playing or by sending invites and buy more colors. In the game, users can even message and laugh about at each other’s scribbled works of art.

Done in the right way, such games could help Messenger foster an ecosystem of social games that rely on chats and private messaging, that’ll eventually make users come back to the app.

Though it can have its own adverse effects, as TechCrunch pointed out. Players can earn points by getting sending invites, though this might turn out to be fertile ground for spams. As of now, the Messenger app has some 600 million users, and has been relatively free of ads, and hopefully Facebook keeps it that way and keeps a close watch on spamming.

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