Eugene Kaspersky, the well-known CEO of IT security company, was recently interviewed by ITWire and had a few baffling facts to share regarding the security on major mobile operating systems. According to him, the two dominant forces including iOS and Android are laden with vulnerabilities and Windows Phone is ‘so far very clean’.

“Criminals are obsessed with iOS and there are many, many vulnerabilities,” Kaspersky said, adding that with “millions of brutal attacks” Android, too, is “not safe. Windows is a much better operating system than the rest (iOS, OS X and Android) and Microsoft is tightening it up much more in the next version.”

Windows Phone was thought of as being the most vulnerable out of the lot, and it seems Kaspersky has discarded that belief. While things would have been different several years back when the OS was newly launched, though Microsoft has worked to improve Windows security features equipping the OS with the right tools to make it less vulnerable.

Kaspersky added that the widespread popularity of Windows OS is one of the primary reasons that its less prone to attacks, which is the reason a lot of security companies research and develop security solutions for the OS.

According to the CEO, iOS, and Mac (OS X) are currently targeted the most by hackers. “Windows engineers are easy to find, Mac not so. That only makes iOS and OS X attacks more costly. Criminals are obsessed with iOS, and there are many, many vulnerabilities,” said Kaspersky.

He further added that developing malware for iOS is rather a tough nut to crack, though should someone find a vulnerability in the system and hack into it, not much can be done. “In the worst-case scenario, if millions of the devices are infected—there is no antivirus because antivirus companies do not have any rights to develop true end-point security for Apple,” said the CEO.

In the case of Android, he explained, the OS is just as dangerous being the widely used OS globally, and hence targeted by “millions of brutal attacks” making it unsafe.

While this should make Windows Phone users elated as its regarded as the safest OS around, though there’s a small catch to it. As we all know, Windows Phone is light years behind iOS and Android in terms of popularity, implying it’s not really the preferred target of choice among hackers.

Though, this doesn’t mean that Windows Phone lacks robust security features, it’s a relatively new OS and Microsoft has been working hard to make the OS less prone to attacks, and is expected to add even more security features to its forthcoming Windows 10 Mobile.


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