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Twitter now lets you curb multiple abusers at once and share the block lists with peers


Twitter is adding more ‘sophisticated tools’ for its users to curb multiple haters and abusers in one go. The San Francisco-based company on Wednesday rolled out a new feature that allows users a new way to block multiple accounts at once. Now, users can share their list of blocked accounts and also import block lists of other Twitter users. This makes it easier to search and block “unwanted interactions” all in one go.

“You can now export and share your block lists with people in your community facing similar issues or import another user’s list into your own account and block multiple accounts all at once, instead of blocking them individually,” said Twitter on a blog announcing the new update.

By doing this, Twitter hopes that users who are facing harassment on its site will be able to deal with the issue much more efficiently and eventually not abandon the platform altogether.

Moreover, Twitter also mentioned that communities facing such attacks can come together and get rid of these hateful tweets. Especially feminist Twitter accounts along with Twitter communities who can share lists of blocked accounts that seem racist or gender-phobic.


How does the new feature Work?

Users need to go to the Settings Menu on the Twitter website and find blocked accounts to export or import a list of blocked accounts.

Click on the Advanced options in the drop down menu and select whether you want to export your list or import another user’s list.

Twitter since last year has been in the process of beefing up its security and privacy features in an attempt to stop harassment on its site. In December last year, the company made its easier for users to report abusive content. The micro-blogging site tightened the noose in its terms and services, banning indirect threats and expanding its definition of inappropriate behavior.

While in March they totally banned revenge porn and curbed other stolen nude photos from being posted on the platform. It prohibited the uploading of non-consensual images that qualify as either stolen or “revenge porn,” implying users’ accounts will be locked if they fail to comply and said “Revenge porn” has grown to become one of the saddest, but most common, forms of hatred on the Internet today”.

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