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Beats had a Sonos killer in development before Apple silenced it


Before Apple acquired Beats, the company was apparently working on something significant in terms of product design. The company was rumored to be working on a product that would have been a Sonos killer. While those rumors floated around for a while, there wasn’t any real verification of the news. That is until now. It has been pointed out officially by a number of industry insiders and product watchers that Beats was working on a project that was dubbed a “Sonos Killer.”

Beats was working on a sound bar that would have worked straight through Wi-Fi, and would have worked wonderfully with the paid subscription services that are often talked about within the industry. While it might seem like an unnecessary little piece of technology, it’s big gap filler in the entertainment space. While streaming services and personal hardware is important – there has also been an increased need for home equipment to connect all of the many devices and subscription services that exist in a home.

One area, in particular, looked good for Beats with this process. They weren’t just working to connect via Wi-Fi, but rather also utilize NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. Combining these things would have made a stellar product, and it would have gone far beyond what Sonos had done to that point. Interestingly, at the time of the acquisition, the company could have easily made this happen without any challenge. Beats and Apple could have pushed this matter and worked their way into direct competition with Sonos. However, the goal has seemed to remain “getting out of the way” of these other technologies.

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Another area of concern for Apple when they were going through the process, and Beats was looking to utilize this piece of technology – was production. It wasn’t going into production like the teams had hoped it would have, and it hit a lot of bumps in manufacturing. When the experts saw this, and when the powers to be at Beats and Apple saw this, they knew that the direction they had to go was one that didn’t include dealing with pieces of technology that were anything but a guaranteed lock.

Understanding the industry you’re entering is important. However, one strange thing that Apple still hasn’t dealt with is the fact that the company was willing to spend so much to buy a company in Beats that didn’t yield nearly as much as was invested into the initial purchase. While that might not strike many as strange, this is something that the experts have tried to figure out for more than a year now since the acquisition.

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