Microsoft has updated for both Outlook Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The new update includes new modern style icons along with a slew of new features to make navigation within the app much more user-friendly.

The Outlook Mail user interface has been slightly revamped and now gets a new look. Quick action buttons now lay at the bottom with new icons and design tweaks. Some tweaks have been made to Outlook Settings as well. The Settings page now gets more options, including a background picture, while tapping on the Settings icon makes it fly in from the right.

Another noticeable change is that reading settings have now been separated from options. In addition, Outlook users will not be able to set options for mailboxes separately.

While, the Calendar for Windows 10 Mobile now features a new quick action button, which allows users to switch between day and agenda view.

Microsoft might have made some changes under the hood to improve the apps overall performance, though we’ve already most of the important changes above.

A newer version of Windows 10 Mobile i.e. build 10136 is set to arrive sometime this week, though an exact release date has yet to be confirmed.

While in other related news, Microsoft earlier this week rolled out a new feature for Office 2016 on Windows Preview, bringing features that essentially focus on collaborative work. Implying that multiple authors can edit the same document simultaneously and will also be able to see what changes or edits co-authors are making in real time, though Microsoft says the latter feature will be rolled out in a subsequent release.

Microsoft is also planning to remove carrier barriers with its forthcoming Windows 10 Mobile. The Redmond giant said that it would be taking charge over updates with the launch of the Windows 10 Mobile, finally removing carrier hassles to reduce chances of fragmentation. Existing Windows Phone 8.1 users will technically be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile at launch. Though, the annoying bit is the fact that carriers will largely handle pushing out these updates, implying it could take a heck of a long time for some to get these updates.



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