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Lenovo Yoga 11S, Windows 8 hybrid is now available for pre-order


The Lenovo Yoga 11S is now available for pre-order and consumers who want to get one can book the notebook-tablet hybrid online. According to the information provided by the company, the Lenovo Yoga 11S will officially go on sale in Best Buy stores on June 23rd.

The Lenovo Yoga 11S is a notebook-tablet hybrid that was announced at the start of this year at CES 2013 in January. The Lenovo Yoga 11S can be considered as a smaller version of the Lenovo Yoga 13 that was previously launched by the company. Similar to the 13-inch Yoga device, the Yoga 11S has the special hinge that allows consumers to flip the touchscreen in such a way that the notebook can be used as a tablet or even any of the other famous configurations, for example the ‘tent mode’ which has been famous and always depicted in images.

The Lenovo Yoga 11S has an 11.6-inch touchscreen display and the device runs on Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. Coming to the CPU part, consumers can choose between an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor whereas for the storage part the two options available are 128GB of SSD or 256GB of SSD. There is also a choice/option when it comes to RAM, consumers can choose between 4GB or 8GB of RAM.

So specifically when it comes to the processing and storage part, consumers have a lot of options and those who really want their devices to be fast and have a large amount of storage space, can actually do so. The device also has an Intel HD 4000 Graphics chip inside which takes care of the graphics part. The company also says that the device has a battery life of up to six hours.

If you are planning to buy Lenovo Yoga 11S, then the basic model of the Yoga 11S can be yours for a price of $799 which will have the Core i3 processor. If you are interested in a better processor, higher RAM and storage space, then the pricing will increase accordingly. Lenovo has provided two color options for the Lenovo Yoga 11S, Silver Grey and Clementine Orange.

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