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New third-party apps for the Google Glass showcased at the Google I/O


Google Glass is one of the coolest pieces of technology in the world today, and even now the device does not seem to be ready for consumer use. However, there is a lot of work being done in order to make this happen and at the same time there is are a lot of new apps coming up for Google Glass.

For those lucky few who have been using the Google Glass will know that initially there were only two third party apps available for the device namely, The New York Times and Path. Consumers were wondering as to when they would get to see something new for the Google Glass. As expected, Google I/O has the answer and finally we get what we have been waiting for.

At Google I/O this year, there were a lot of new third-party apps for the Google Glass that have been added to the list. So apart from The New York Times and Path, we will soon be able to see apps like Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Tumblr, CNN and Elle on Google Glass. Well we call them apps, but as Google likes it, they are called ‘glassware.’

Twitter for Google Glass

One thing is for sure, these glassware will be much more interesting to use and check out as compared to the versions that we are already using on our smartphones and tablets. It is being said that Twitter for Glass will let you post photos to the timeline and these tweets will automatically be tagged with ‘#throughglass.’ On the other hand, Facebook is also working on Facebook for Glass which will bring cool features to the device. For example, you will be able to take a photo and immediately post it to your timeline, you can even add a description through voice dictation supported by Google Glass.

Google Glass

Other apps like CNN will be competing against The New York Times in the news section whereas Elle is the first magazine that brings its content to the Google Glass. Evernote will allow you to send text based notes to Google Glass.

Though consumers do not have access to Google Glass even when many of them are ready to pay the high price, we know that the device will soon be available in the market. And when it does, consumers will be able to use all these different apps on their devices.

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