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Google Trends gets Real-time data and Curated data sets, and story-centric homepage


Google on Wednesday said in a blog post that the company has updated its Trends services, giving users access to real-time data. The Mountain View company further added that this marks Google Trends biggest expansion since 2012, that’ll give users a better idea of what stories people are searching for.

“Whether you’re a reporter, a researcher, or an armchair trend-tracker, the new site gives you a faster, deeper and more comprehensive view of our world through the lens of Google Search,” said Google.

The search engine giant claims that the changes introduced to Google Trends are based on the feedback from “hundreds of journalists and others around the world.”

Google explains in a blog, “Today we’re announcing the biggest expansion of Google Trends since 2012. You can now find real-time data on everything from the FIFA scandal to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign kick-off, and get a sense of what stories people are searching for.”


With real-time data now added to Google Trends, users will be able to see trending topics and how much interest a particular topic is generating at the moment. It involves minute by minute information updates in real time, which is based on around 100 billion searches processed each month.

“You can now explore minute-by-minute, real-time data behind the more than 100 billion searches that take place on Google every month,” adds Google.

It’ll also allow users to set filters like custom data and time filters within the past week. This gives users information such as when a particular topic was trendy when it’s popularity started rising and when it died down.

In addition, Google Trends homepage has also been given an update, which Google touts as more story-centric. It now shows real-time trending stories based on ranks, with data that also includes trends on Google News and YouTube along with Google Search. The new homepage is currently available in 28 countries globally, with more locations to be added in the ‘coming months’.

The “breadth and coverage” of Google Trends has increased with the addition of trend data, offering “more niche topics in smaller geographies.”


Another new feature introduced is ‘Deeper Insights’, which according to Google gives users the tools to do a more intensive research on a particular topic. Meanwhile for journalists, Google said that starting Wednesday it’ll be publishing data sets on a wide array of topics to its GitHub page.

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