Apple and the iOS jailbreaking community have an interesting relationship: jailbreak developers continue to create, while Apple’s subsequent iOS releases introduce features we’ve seen in the Cydia Store long before Apple releases them to the public. With every update to iOS, Apple continues to patch up holes that have existed as gateways into the full admin rights to iDevices – and jailbreakers continue to exploit new holes and maintain and defend their right to break their iPhones and iPads free from Apple’s “shackles.”

The same can be said for iOS 8.3, which has been released to the public. The iOS 8.3 TaiG jailbreak was released yesterday, but 1) doesn’t have Cydia Store compatibility yet and 2) only works with Windows OS for now. OS X compatibility may come at some point in the near future, but, as always, beware of Apple’s control over iOS. Update to iOS 8.3, if you haven’t while the window is still available. This is the case because Apple seems ready at this point to prepare an iOS 8.4 release for next week, with June 30th as the rumored pinpoint date.

While iOS 8.4 is nearing its release, however, the TaiG jailbreak team remains confident that it’ll have an iOS 8.4 jailbreak ready. Jailbreak developer iOShXr says that the current iOS 8.3 jailbreak is still valid – seeing that it still works on iOS 8.4 beta 4. This is good news, and a sign that the iOS 8.4 jailbreak will be more than able to withstand whatever hole-patching Apple does in the update when it comes to its final version and mass release.

The iOS 8.3 update brought the usual bug fixes, 300 new racial emoji characters to the operating system, Mac OS X’s new Photos app compatibility with iOS, a no-password option for free downloads, wireless CarPlay compatibility, Siri speakerphone-initiated calling, and iMessage filtering, iMessage spam reporting to Apple, among other things. According to iOS 8.4 beta 4, Apple’s next incremental update will bring a new Apple Music icon with further bug fixes and enhancements though some problems still exist in the latest beta. As for Apple Music, iOS users will get a free, three-month trial, but Taylor Swift and her fellow artists will still earn their royalties.


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