The popular Facebook connected app that lets people hook up with their friends had just made its way to the Apple platform. However, just after a week or so, the app was taken down by Apple. The app we are talking about is ‘Bang with Friends’ and if you try searching for it on the app store, we doubt if you will end up getting a positive search result.

Bang with Friends has been taken down by Apple and the app is no longer available for download. The app went live on Wednesday and was taken down just after 10 days on Friday. The name of the app does sound odd and vulgar, and we believe that this could be the main reason why Apple removed this app from the online store.

Bang with Friends is actually a very interesting app. It uses your Facebook connection and the functionality of the app is limited within your friend circle. So you need to login in with your Facebook account and select friends from your friend list whom you would like to ‘bang.’ Now if any of the friends you chose are also using the app and have selected you from their list, then you both will get emails which notifies that a match has been made.

Well all this might sound weird but this is how the app works. And as of now, the app is not available on the app store and even the official webpage of Bang with Friends is down, a message saying ‘Be Right Back’ is what you will see on the webpage.

Even Apple has not given the official reason for taking down the app, and developers expect to get an explanation soon. It was Colin Hodge, the co-founder of Bang with Friends who said that ‘Apple has not given an official response as to why the app was removed.’