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HTC has doubled the production of its flagship device, the HTC One


Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has doubled the production of its flagship device HTC One, in order to meet the ever increasing demand of customers. It seems that the HTC One is becoming more and more popular and customers all around the world are showing interest in this smartphone leading to the increase in demand.

The HTC One is definitely a smartphone to look out for, and consumers who already know this are waiting to get their hands on the device. HTC had a lot of problems during the launch of the HTC One, and now that the smartphone has been released in the market, the company is facing a new problem. However, the new problem is good for the company, provided that the company will be able to tackle it in the right way.

An increase in demand is a good thing for HTC, the only problem is that the company should be able to deliver no matter what. The HTC One is the next-gen flagship device of the company but it is not the only masterpiece available in the market today.

The HTC One already has a lot of rivals which include the Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, Blackberry Z10 etc. which are also flagship devices.  And thanks to Google I/O, the HTC One has a new rival, the Google Galaxy S4.

In order to ensure that the HTC One stays ahead of the game, HTC has doubled the production of this particular device and plan to continue this strategy for a couple of months.

“Our capacity is expected to rise significantly starting from mid-May. We are optimistic about our high-end sales during April and June,” said Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia.

So in spite of the delay that was caused initially due to the shortage in components required for the ultra pixel camera, HTC has now decided to go for double production and wants to ensure that all demand are met at the right time.

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