Instagram now gets a much-needed bump that allows users to share high res photos. It’ll be adding support for pictures that are 10180 x 1080 in size, and its iOS and Android apps will be gradually updated in the coming weeks, confirmed an Instagram spokeswoman on Monday, also adding that some users might have already received the update.

Though for some reason, the spokeswoman denied to comment on when the feature began rolling out and by when it is expected to finish. In addition, she also refused to comment on whether the feature will be rolled out to its web version.

To recall, the photo sharing service was launched in 2010, which became very popular among users, and in 2012, Facebook acquired the service for $1 billion. However, since the company was founded, it had limited the size of images that can be uploaded and displayed at 640 x 640 resolution, which was good for that time, though is rather odd in an era of high-end smartphones with great camera capabilities. With the service becoming more and more popular and the advent of high-end smartphones, limiting image size to 640 pixels is undeniably obsolete.

Allowing users to share high res images implies they can share images where the resolution will not get squashed. The new change was spotted on Friday by analyzing Instagram’s source code, which is responsible for the look and feel of the front end of the website, with a reference to ‘1080px’.

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Though it seems yet again, the service has ignored the Windows Phone platform, as the official Instagram app for Windows Phone is still in beta that hasn’t been updated since March 2014.

Meanwhile last month, Instagram rolled out a new feature under its ‘Explore’ tab that allows users to view trending topics based on real-time events. In addition, it also revamped its Web interface last month with redesigned profiles, feeds, and hashtag pages. The company notes that the redesign makes Instagram profiles on the desktop ‘cleaner and faster’.


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