Microsoft has released its rebranded Xbox Music app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, the ‘Groove Music’ that can now be downloaded from the Windows Store. The Redmond giant touts that Groove has over 40 million songs and will offer users the ability to stream music as well as the option to download songs which will be synced across multiple devices.

‘Groove describes what people feel and do with music, and is more intuitive for our Windows 10 customers on what they’ll find with the app,’ said Microsoft citing the reason for the name change.

Users will also be able to use the service across their Windows, Android or iOS devices with the Groove app and also supports OneDrive integration, the company’s cloud storage services.

Groove’s User Interface gets the usual keyboard navigation along with support for touch-screen gestures. Users can ‘Pinch to zoom’ in or out, pin their favorite tracks to playlists, while albums can be pinned to the Start Menu. It also two themes namely light and dark ‘depending on your mood’, adds Microsoft.

The rebranded service will have support for built-in OneDrive integration which allows users to upload their music on OneDrive, even the songs they might have purchased via other streaming services. The service can be accessed across multiple devices via the Groove app on Windows, Xbox, Android and Internet browsers, while iOS support will also be added very soon.

Groove will be a “premium ad-free listening” experience, which will cost $9.99 a month or $99 a year. Users will get complete access to stream and download music via the Windows Store. Though Microsoft hasn’t yet specified in how many countries will the service be available. The company says these updates are now be available to Windows Insiders who are a part of the Fast ring.

Groove will have to compete against the likes of Apple Music and Spotify, in a market where users have a lot of choices at their disposal. It’ll be interesting to see how Groove fares compared to the giants of the music streaming business and other competitors.

In addition to Groove, the Windows maker already renamed Xbox Video to just ‘Movies & TV’ in Windows 10. With the app, users will able to rent or buy movies and even TV shows, which can be accessed across all Windows 10 devices and Xbox consoles.


Well, the renaming of products and services so often by Microsoft just to create that illusion of a new service hasn’t really worked in favor of the Redmond giant. It tried the same stint when it launched Xbox Music, though the strategy didn’t seem to work out in their favor. It’ll be interesting to see how users will respond to the rebranded Groove service. Given the launch of Windows 10 being just round the corner, it remains to be seen if even a “free” Windows 10 will do anything to help Microsoft make its services popular.


  1. Groove will just be what xbox music was and xbox music was zune and zune has been great as far as a music service. It’s just a name retool with some great ui tweaks coming from Windows Phone 8.1 (which was worse than Zune). It’s already well established and I’ve had a xbox music/zune membership for years because I enjoy being able to play my music downloaded on my phone for a manageable 10/month instead of streaming or buying each song. The One Drive sync has also been nice.


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