Latest reports indicate that Samsung might have plans announcing two new and big smartphones that will redefine the smartphone and phablet experience – the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega. So it seems that Samsung is going to take another step in the experimentation process and try to combine two of its smartphones and create a fusion!

After the successful launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung unveiled a new giant smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Mega. And now it seems that Samsung wants to combines these two smartphones and come up with an all new smartphone that is both giant and powerful. This new device is being called as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega.


Samsung recently updated its own WatchOn application. And in the log section was written “added support for the upcoming Galaxy S4 Mega, S4 mini and S4 Active.” And even though Samsung has not officially announced the Galaxy S4 Mega or the Galaxy S4 Mini, the image shows that these devices are on the way.

For those who have already heard about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Mega, it will be very easy to estimate what this new end product will be like. The Galaxy Mega had two versions, one had a 5.8-inch display whereas the other one had a 6.3-inch display. However, when it came to power and performance, none of these two could match the Samsung Galaxy S4.

So as simple as it might sound, Samsung will now take the powerful hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and put it inside the huge body of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. Since the Galaxy S4 is very slim and light, we believe that the Galaxy S4 Mega will also be slim and light. There is also a chance that Samsung will plan to put in a really high performance battery inside Galaxy S4 Mega in order to make it last even longer.

Apart from the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega, we have an interesting update on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well. Recently there was an image posted on the internet which was captured using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 device, at least this is what the source has said. This image was posted on the forum of a Polish website called SmartFan. The information provided says that the photo was taken with a device named GT-N7200 running firmware version N7200XXUAMEB. And according to the EXIF data, the device has a 13 MP sensor and an aperture of f/2.2 which is the same as the Galaxy S4.