Microsoft announced on Friday that it’ll discontinue three of its MSN apps (formerly known as Bing apps). The company is sending out emails to users that its MSN Food & Drink, MSN Travel, MSN Health & Fitness, along with Photosynth will not be offered anymore on all platforms including Windows, iOS and Android. Neowin notes that Microsoft will discontinue Food & Drink on September 28 along with Travel, while Health & Fitness will be discontinued starting November 1.

Though the company is not abandoning support for other MSN apps which include News, Weather, Sports and Money.

“We regularly evaluate our business to ensure we’re focused on the areas where our users find the most value,” Microsoft said in a statement. “We will continue to support those apps with broad consumer appeal including News, Weather, Sports and Money, which will be made available as apps on Windows 10 and will remain cross platform.”

The decision to kill these apps seems rather strange, especially the Health & Fitness app that is a pretty impressive standalone app in itself. It works really well with the motion sensing capabilities of most modern Lumia devices, doing away the need for a dedicated standalone device. Apart from just aggregating news bits, the apps could also track workouts and diets along with providing a comprehensive list of the most common exercises. While according to reports, the Health & Fitness app will get rid of any data users might have stored in it by November 1.

The company also designed a newer Microsoft Health app to work exclusively with Microsoft Band, though retaining some of Health & Fitness app’s capabilities will have made a lot more sense. In addition, Microsoft also announced that it’ll stop providing support for its photo-stitching app — Photosynth. The company has not announced yet as to when it’ll stop offering support for the app, though Microsoft is advising Photosynth users to take their pictures and data out of the app.

Microsoft is planning to get rid of the aforementioned apps much after the launch of Windows 10 Mobile. Hence, it seems Windows 10 will provide some viable alternative. However, then again, the company is killing a perfectly good app that too for no apparent reason seems a bit surprising at the moment.

Moreover, the fact that Microsoft’s core area of focus includes Bing at the moment along with hardware, leading Nadella to announce that its 7800 employees will be laid-off.


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