It has been a year since Lenovo acquired Motorola, and we still don’t have a Windows based Motorola smartphone, though it seems there might be slight chances of it happening in the future.

In an interview with a UK publication V3, Lenovo’s vice president and general manager for Northern Europe said that they have been witnessing a surprising amount of interest in the forthcoming Windows 10 for PCs. In this context, McQuarrie was asked if there might be a Motorola handset running Windows to which he responded, “There is an ongoing evaluation of what platforms we should be offering. We are a huge Microsoft partner on PCs, tablets and servers, and we continue to evaluate the ecosystem. If it makes sense, you could potentially see a Windows phone from us.”

Hence, we might see a Motorola smartphone running Windows 10, though McQuarrie mentioned that the possibility of it materializing anytime soon was highly unlikely. He believes that now with the availability of Microsoft’s key apps and services across all platforms, there isn’t a need to focus on building a Windows handset.

“With the phones that we have today, and the move by Microsoft to make Office applications freely available on Android, the gap between a Windows PC and an Android device shrank dramatically,” adds McQuarrie.

And his remarks absolutely make sense as now with the availability of Microsoft’s suite of apps on iOS and Android, which include Office, OneDrive, SmartGlass, Skype along with the soon to be launched Cortana, there is no reason to focus exclusively on a Windows device. Moreover, with the Phone Companion app now available for Windows 10, the company is giving users all the more reason for users to stick to their existing platform.

Windows Threshold Wave 2 to spread Cortana for Windows 10 to more regions in October

Whether or not we see a Motorola handset running Windows 10, one thing is for sure that Microsoft’s forthcoming OS is garnering much attention as McQuarrie explains, “Windows 8 was a struggle to convert commercial customers to; they saw no compelling reason to move from Windows 7. But we are seeing an increased interest in moving to Windows 10 against the same period in the run up to the Windows 8 release. This is the first time in years that they have evinced an interest in the latest OS.”

For the time being, Microsoft is relying on its own shoulders as it’s reportedly prepping six Lumia handsets that’ll be launched alongside Windows 10 Mobile. Two have been popping up in the rumor mill for the quite some time now, reportedly named the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Recently, a Chinese tech blog claimed that it has all the details of the upcoming duo, and are expected go on sale in November.


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